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About Empire Realty

Empire Realty - If you are used to the finer things in life - or think you've earned it... We at Empire have come as close to perfection as possible. You get the best of everything we could think of. The best of locations & the best of amenities, but more importantly, we put our very soul into each and every one of our projects. That, is the big differentiator!

With an experience of more than four decades, the group has made steady progress and earned a reputation for itself as a leading name in developing quality apartments, multi-unit houses, & residential complexes. The company has built a great reputation and is now known in real estate sector for its visionary approach. We are committed to being the best in every aspect. As an organization, the group is also known for its employee-friendly and professional working environment.


Empire Realty's diverse portfolio is strategically spread across Residential, Commercial & Industrial development. Our construction is most desirable & ideal that completes all needs. With innovation, quality and sustainability at the core of our work and a unique customer centric approach has put us on the league of the best and most trusted developers in the business.

We believe in providing no compromise living and deliver thoughtfully designed, high quality, innovative life spaces with customer centricity, transparency. With an industry experience of over 4 decades, Empire Realty is the most fitting option for your dream home.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of all efforts as the company endeavours to craft spaces for lifelong happiness.




We aim to offer more opportunities for you to choose as to your property requirements. Our experienced & qualified team understands the importance of a home that you dream of for your family. For this, we have the best of planners, engineers, architects, legal advisors who come up with cost effective solutions and share basic knowledge to take care of each and every details before you invest your hard earned money into any of our properties.

At Empire Realty, building is not merely a business - It is a passion which we pursue with a strong zeal. Each and every project we undertake is a testimony to our commitment. We ensure the best materials, structural design and aesthetics possible - after all it's our reputation on the line.


Our mission is to help families create a meaningful legacy for future generations. We continually create landmarks by reinventing processes using innovative technology. Our principal effort is to have satisfied clients and to be known in the real estate community because of our excellence and integrity. Empire Realty provides the most professional, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the industry.

Our Values

We treasure old time values like hard-work, vision-oriented approach and social welfare. Our focus on delivering committed solutions and reviewing each phase of the construction process gives added value to our pursuit of perfection. Through our presence in the market over the years, we have developed excellent relations in the industry with our contemporaries & promoters and absolute goodwill with bankers and investors. Our approach to a quality management system is to enhance customer satisfaction by not just meeting customer requirements, but giving them more than they expect.


Mansurbhai, one of the driving forces behind the brand Empire Realty, plays a pivotal role when it comes to liasoning & acquisition. There are many agencies in the construction industry but having a visionary like Mansurbhai is an added advantage to us who plays an important role in the acquisition process. A pioneer of new trends in the market also being proficient in acquisition and laying successful foundations step-by-step, simplifying the entire process proficiently. He believes in doing the right things at the right time in the right way. He has gained all these know-hows with immense experience and market research in the field of acquisition, thus emerging a winner in the competitive market of liaison & acquisition.

-Construction, Finance, Sales

Good financial management is essential to a company's viability which is what Sahil does for Empire Realty. He makes major corporate decisions, managing overall operations and resources of a company and has the ability to take calculated risk. He is goal oriented, well versed with current market trends and his planning always reflects reality. His USP is in making long term strategies & keep sharing new innovative ideas, helps to build a better tomorrow. Sahil believes that in today's environment, the role of managing finance is essential to organizational success, and more importantly, is vital to avoiding failure. That may sound extreme, but in many circumstances, competition is so fierce and margins are so thin in construction, reliable financial information and analysis certainly can make the difference between success and failure.

Sahil is personally & integrally involved as construction specialist for every project with efficiently guiding a dynamic & diligent team of architects, sales & marketing professionals. He established & standardised techniques to improve building specification & construction quality.


The group currently manages a portfolio of multiple projects with almost 4 Lac sq. ft. under development across Mumbai and the MMRDA region. One of the fastest growing entities in the real estate segment, the group has operated with excellent customer care levels and the highest standards for the welfare of society and the environment since the last 4 decades.

Empire Realty is considered as a lifestyle maker and has carved out a vision that it foresees to achieve in residential offerings. The expertise and practical understanding of the real estate industry offers an inherent assurance of successful implementation &, timely delivery of projects. Today the group's steadfast focus on quality has led it to become an industry leader and a market-driven construction company renowned for trust and quality and on time possession.


Sunder Baug

(Dahisar East)


Virani Towers

(Dahisar East)

Largest Multi-winged Layout of Dahisar


West View Apartment

(Dahisar West)


Nitin Industrial Estate




(Dahisar West)

Tallest Tower of Dahisar of its time


Orchid Plaza

(Dahisar East)

Largest Mixed Development Layout of western Suburbs


Rohan Residency

(Borivali West)

2000 to 2005

D'souza Mansion
Peter Plaza

(Dahisar West)


Krishna Industrial Estate



Bona Venture Apartment

(Dahisar West)


Fressia Ranibello

(Malad East)